Bancanote 2021

Progettare Bancanote 2021, il magazine digitale dei soci di Banca Etica

Banca Etica


Report, Webdesign

Every year Banca Etica updates shareholders and customers on its activities and ongoing projects through a magazine: Bancanote. Due to the pandemic emergency, for the first time this Assembly was held online and Parco Studio was called to design a digital magazine and a new website for the Bancanote 2020 and then, Bancanote 2021.

This latest project includes two-color vector illustrations we designed and drew to support the different articles. We work on the concept in contrast with the financial area as the aim was to highlight the importance of ethical finance.

The design of the illustrations is simple and hand drawn, helping the viewer to get closer to the new financial mood, more human and close to people. It gives the users the possibility to read  interface topics that are less easy to understand. The colors are those of Banca Etica brand identity, but are intensified with a massive use of combinations and backgrounds.

immagine - Bancanote 2021
immagine - Bancanote 2021

The user experience is at the core of the project, and introduces the user step-by-step to the most in-depth contents with the use of the most relevant illustrations and data and lead him to the more complex articles and infographics.

We have designed a visible system that is recognizable to the 2021 Bancanote but do not lose the link with the identity of Banca Etica.

immagine - Bancanote 2021
immagine - Bancanote 2021