Iabicus Website

Paolo Iabichino



Since the beginning of 2021 Iabicus has a new home online. In this website the typography is the strong protagonist – and it could not be otherwise – where all the different aspects of Paolo Iabichino’s work converge. A selection of his best words written for advertising, the result of a journey over more than thirty years. The words on paper of the essays that advertising tell, analyze, explain. The flying words that Paolo publishes daily on his social channels. The words that still have to be written.

On the homepage, the list of people and brands with whom Paolo has worked immediately reflects the variety and impact of his work. It accompanies the user to discover his portfolio in which the most recent projects coexist with historical campaigns.

Paolo Iabichino has been writing about advertising since 1990. He has spent the last few years at the top of WPP as executive creative director of the Ogilvy Italia Group. Today he works as a connector of excellence at the service of realities that feel the need to turn the page.

The site can be viewed in total black or with a white background, to make the reader independent in managing readability and to challenge him in finding the right environment for his reading. The two icons at the top right correspond to the color change and page change, through the menu.