ADH Journal

Designing a digital and printed biannual magazine, running on the same CMS and subjected to a double blind peer review process.

Politecnico of Milano

Architecture, Cultural, Design, Research

Editorial design, Webdesign

The Journal of Architectural Design and History is a biannual journal, subjected to a double blind peer review process and created within the programme of UNESCO Chair in Conservation and Architectural Planning of the World Heritage Cities at the Mantua Campus of the Politecnico di Milano.

immagine - ADH Journal
immagine - ADH Journal

Between 2022 and 2023 Parco Studio has realized the graphic design and the development of the website as well as the layout of the printed version. In ADH the link between the online version and the printed version is particularly strong as the second is automatically generated from the first. This particular approach significantly simplifies the editorial work by defining a single flow that begins with the insertion of the abstracts in response to the call for papers and then materializes in the press by defining a new and truly hybrid language between analogue and digital.

immagine - ADH Journal
immagine - ADH Journal