Chefare rebranding

Communication strategy and visual identity for the main agency of cultural transformation in Milan


Art, Cultural

Brand identity, Content strategy, Social media
immagine - Chefare rebranding

cheFare is an agency for cultural transformation – together with communities, organizations and institutions it creates new forms of cultural impact by developing projects, building strategies and leading debates to transform the existing.

Parco Studio redesigned and developed the new communication strategy with the collaboration of each member who works at cheFare: starting by analyzing and defining the objectives, vision and mission, key messages up to the redesigning the logo and the brand manual and tools for the production of all communication materials, online and offline.

With the aim of designing, communicating and making accessible new practices of interaction between politics and culture, Parco Studio has developed the new content strategy in the reorganization of contents, references and useful resources.

To communicate the complexity and variety of the contents cheFare produces, Parco Studio has revolutionized the aesthetic grammar of cheFare, from a descriptive and defined language towards a new aesthetic of abstract forms, more in line with their goals of inclusiveness and gender equality. In this way, the flexibility required by the multiplicity of contents, which can be more recognizable and less didactic, is met.

immagine - Chefare rebranding
immagine - Chefare rebranding

The font in use is Helvetica Now.
All communication materials, especially posters and publications, both printed and digital, have been systematized in templates to be used automatically or by the client.

Rebuilding the content strategy has allowed Parco Studio to make the contents clear and easy to use, while maintaining the complexity of the action of cheFare in which culture, central to the association, is the element to change society.

immagine - Chefare rebranding
immagine - Chefare rebranding
immagine - Chefare rebranding
immagine - Chefare rebranding