City After the City

Design a digital archive that links the approach of six different curators

Edizioni Lotus

Architecture, Urbanism

Digital installation

City After the City is a series of six architecture exhibitions conceived of and directed by Pierluigi Nicolin and Edizioni Lotus for the XXI Triennale International Exhibition in Milan. It was held at the EXPERIENCE park (former Expo area) in Milan.

In 2016, we worked with Alessandro Busseni to develop the interactive installation for the exhibition in Milan. We gathered all the content from the initiative, highlighted the different connections between the work and provided users with all the information needed to enjoy City After the City.

Thanks to a specific scrolling mechanism, users of City After the City were shown an overview of the individual exhibits and their respective categories within the archive and could access further information for each individual exhibit. They could then personalise their experience of the exhibition: the archive allowed users to link text and images, combine them and send them by email in order to create a personal selection of the exhibition supported by additional information and bibliographical references.