Codici – Italiano secondo me

Design the brand identity of the Italian language workshop to migrants


Cultural, Education

Art direction, Brand identity, Editorial design, Naming
Loredana Bontempi, Emanuele Bonetti, Luca Bunino, Michela Meliddo, Andrea De Simone

“Italiano secondo me” is the new name for Milano L2.
It is a language workshop for migrant women and minors, building on the experience gained in the projects Fil Rouge and Parl@mi in the field of learning Italian as a second language (L2). The focus is on a specific target, aiming to enhance civic and linguistic education in Milan to meet the training and integration needs of women and minors with a migratory background.

These three volumes are the result of workshops on Italian as a second language, collecting training activities and experiences from three projects.

We collaborated with Codici to create the naming and developed the visual identity, particularly the use of the final letter of the word “italian*” whose variation defines, in one case, all possible Italians, describing the dual meaning between Italian as a language and Italian as a person.