Emergency: Dove l’Erba Trema

Communicate the NGO's activity in Italy


Cultural, Data

Report, Webdesign

Emergency is a humanitarian NGO based in Milan and founded in 1994 by Gino Strada. “Dove l’Erba Trema” is the last of a three chapters story about immigrants and refugee farmhand living in the South of Italy. With this project, Emergency aimed to raise their voices, through a series of reportages illustrated by some the most influential Italian cartoonists. Each of these chapters narrates about the extreme and extremely precarious life in refugee camps, where immigrants harvest the veggies and tomatoes. Those products end in our kitchens and supermarkets, fuelling a corrupted system tainted by the wracking work of innocent people, victims of a system of which they have no control.


In the design project we imagined for them, each chapter – monthly released – is composed of two sections: the first is the narrative part, where the images are combined with data, captions and a small descriptive paragraph. The second one is a detailed section where the protagonists’ place of work is described.

We wanted for this website to be a visual tale where snapshots we selected and post-produced are combined with short tales; the two coming together in a powerful fictional tale.