Edizioni Zero website

Design the communication and the website of the most seen magazine of events and lifestyle in Italy

ZERO magazine



From 1996 ZERO is the most read lifestyle and events magazine. Since 2007 is the top reference for being updated on the Italian cultural scene. ZERO knows were to drink and eat, which are the coolest events concerts and clubs and what to see in the best art galleries.

ZERO asked us to work on the graphic design of their new website, with a fun approach that could represent them and their communication. The funky feeling works well with the very flexible structure we have created for the contents, thought for a large amount of information.

The website is composed of many different modules that can always give a different result, organizing the elements in a way that could fit all the editorial approaches of the staff. This allows the editors to choose what to highlight based on the daily needs, in order to produce ad-hoc contents hierarchy and to expand the communication power of the website. Eventually, the focus moves from the events list to all the editorial contents.