Designing the visual communication of an exhibition about exhibitions


Advertising, Art, Cultural, Events

Art direction, Digital installation, Exhibition setup, Poster, Social media
E Bonetti, L Bontempi, V Stupai

“Exposure” is a temporary project that fits into the broader context of Mudec, linking with the museum’s permanent collection. The exhibition, curated by Katya Inozemtseva and Sara Rizzo, reflects on the traditional concept of the vitrine and its centrality in exhibition projects.

The visual communication for the “Exposure” exhibition has been developed based on the dualist concept of the showcase. It is indeed an object capable of both uniting and separating simultaneously. When items are displayed, they are exposed but also kept at a distance from the observer through a glass barrier. Similarly, the key visual has been designed as a kaleidoscopic illustration of an ideal showcase. The titles and logos are placed far away, leaving the exposition space in the middle. From this perspective, when adapted to the banner format, all the letters are arranged vertically to reorganize the space. That recalls the action of assembling items in a box.

immagine - Exposure

The project was collaboratively developed with the Parasite 2.0 design studio, who has been working on the exhibition setup.