GISTO identity and website

Design the new identity and website for a studio/workshop working in between architecture, design and craftsmanship.


Architecture, Design

Brand identity, Social media, Webdesign
E Bonetti, L Bontempi, L Bunino

Studio GISTO was founded in 2010, and since then they have been working on design, architecture and research projects. It is paying special attention to the project’s context, resources, sustainability of materials, and circular development processes.Their projects have been featured in renowned realities like Biennale di Venezia, LAC Lugano and Oslo Architecture Triennale.

We have been working on their visual identity and website to help them communicate all the different nuances of their work. The project includes a new graphic design for drawings, presentations, business cards as well as for social media and a new website.

One of the website’s distinctive features is the navigable archive, with backstage material such as videos and sketches, where users can visit all their projects. Exaggerated and reduced text margins, few typographic weights with high contrast and neo-brutalist style are the main characteristics. All visual elements appear in black and white with shades of gray, turning into silver on business cards, while on the website there are overlay effects with the text. These effects are designed to add an extra level of detail while maintaining readability.

immagine - GISTO identity and website

The entire visual concept is intended to define a graphic layer that enhances their content, providing them with tools that can effectively be used to tell their story.