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A borderless online catalog to describe the most contemporary of Italian publishing houses

Il Saggiatore

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immagine - Il Saggiatore website

Founded in the late 1950s by Alberto Mondadori, Il Saggiatore is one of the most important Italian publishing houses. It works outside the traditional categories and the classic distinction between fiction and non-fiction in order to describe contemporary society.

In 2022 Parco Studio designed the new website for “Il Saggiatore”, with the aim of communicating the publisher’s identity in the digital space and opening different perspectives on their content.

On the homepage, the book covers emerge from the white space, without filters and classifications, in line with the approach of Il Saggiatore, suggesting a borderless object, able to go beyond its physical form and its content.

The pages dedicated to the books collect, in addition to the traditional descriptions and information, the events and media coverage of each single book, in addition to the special contents created ad hoc to supplement the reading, to testify an experience that goes beyond the pages, constantly contributing to shape the culture of their time.

immagine - Il Saggiatore website

The catalog as well as the list of authors thus become “a constellation […] of a single, large text: the catalog of the publishing house; I live as all the texts are, infinite as every universe is”

immagine - Il Saggiatore website