Rosalie Riss

Art, Design

Art direction, Brand identity, Logo design, Social media, Webdesign

Karalie is a project by Rosalie Riss, a designer who lives between France, Switzerland and Italy. Fioraissance was born from a design idea that links spirituality and material, a very personal composition of three vases that symbolizes the author’s feeling of rebirth. The product is the result of Italian craftsmanship, is produced in Murano glass and distributed in limited editions. It has been technically designed together with 6:am Glass.

Parco Studio created the brand identity, the website, the ecommerce and worked for the social media of Karalie. Parco Studio curated the art direction and realized the scenography and the set for the shooting, created with the Cartacarbone photographers and produced, for the flower design part, in collaboration with Meeo. The selection of images produced includes still life photos and portraits of the designer.
The production at the Murano furnace was documented through video by Laura Panno with the art direction of Parco.

The product is composed of three pieces of blown Murano glass: each piece is handcrafted and unique, all irregularities and inconsistencies are part of its character and elegance. This is the reason why Parco Studio has dedicated to each piece a it’s own narrative, la base is the foundation that keeps the two other pieces balanced; L’éclosion represents the growth, the beauty of the blossom and Le coeur de fleur is the heart of the flower containing the seeds to create future birth.

The selected font is PANAMA by Temporary State foundry, a classic serif font, and is used in composition with a calligraphic writing designed and developed by Parco. This has the aim of highlighting the personality and individuality of the project.
The website visual language uses soft tones in line with the colors of the products without ever overpowering them, in order to create a perfect balance between the story of the product and the product itself.