Communicate the wealth of different initiatives and activities planned as part of the new Fondazione Cariplo programme, Lacittàintorno, to a diverse public

Year 2017
Client Fondazione Cariplo

Brand identity



For over 25 years, the Fondazione Cariplo has supported and financed projects for innovation and public interest in the fields of art and culture, environment, social issues and scientific research.  Lacittàintorno, ‘the city around us’, is the Fondazione Cariplo’s cross-sector urban regeneration programme; it will initially focus on the areas furthest from the city centre.

The aim of the programme is to improve the quality of life in Milan’s peripheral neighbourhoods through cultural, economic and creative initiatives.


Working alongside the client, we started out with the image of a donut: enveloping yet open, dynamic and in constant movement. This led us to the image of a ribbon, which connects the different areas and realities of the city.
The flexibility of the ribbon brings the identity of the project to life in different materials. The ribbon changes shape depending on its application: it can adapt to diverse situations, materials and tones of voice. The ribbon becomes a logo on all communication materials, adapts to the handles of a tote bag and even ends up in the hands of local residents in the form of stickers, as a way for them to appropriate the brand.
The following images show a selection of the many different materials created: a poster campaign for the programme launch party in the Adriano neighbourhood, the illustrated postcards distributed as invitations to residents in neighbourhoods where events were happening, a z-fold leaflet with detachable postcards to outline the main features of the programme and the objectives of the initiative and a map of the events and activities organised as part of the programme launch party.