Magnete Milano

A visual identity designed to empower any single partner of the new “north-pole” of Milan

Proges, Shifton


Brand identity

Magnete is a new multifunctional cultural center, opened since the beginning of 2022 within the Adriano district. Parco Studio designed the brand and visual identity, from the name to the guidelines that define all communication materials.

The name “Magnete” tributes the heritage of the area, historically occupied by the Magneti Marelli and positions the center as a new pole of attraction in the north of ​​Milan.

The main element of the identity is the typeface, designed  ad hoc for the graphic identity of Magnete in order to provide a tool that is able to guarantee great recognition, while maintaining a great ease of use for the Magnete staff as well as for all partners. The shapes of the letters recall the design of the furnishings designed by Studio Gisto and designed to ensure maximum flexibility in the use of space. The variety of forms communicates an entity made up of multiple subjects – from companies to associations – who live within the same space and operate with the same objectives, while maintaining their own specificities.

In order to ensure maximum ease of use even for non-professionals, a software has been developed that allows you to generate Magnete communication materials in the main formats of use through a few simple operations.