Mare Culturale Urbano

Mare Culturale Urbano


Brand identity, Webdesign

Mare Culturale Urbano, the coolest artistic cultural centre in Milan, asks Parco Studio to rebrand their amazing activities and space. The main concept of the rebranding is to create a flexible and versatile system that could fit different contents Mare produces, without losing clarity and recognizability.

The goal is to highlight the qualities of this space free from inequalities, social exclusion and intergenerational barriers, a space focused on the cultural dimensions of social life.

For the website the aim is simple and clear: get really accessible to everybody the great activities and contents that Mare Culturale Urbano is offering. Big type and simply designed page structure help to make the calendar easy to use on all devices.

immagine - Mare Culturale Urbano

In Italian “mare” means “seaside”, commonly a place where you go on holidays, welcoming and exciting. A place from which you want to send postcards to your friends. What’s better than a postcard as a metaphor of all worlds that Mare brings to the city? Parco Studio decided to use postcard rectangle size to visualize all future and past events and activities.

This very flexible system is working well for both printed and digital materials, social channels and cards. Programs and posters are designed in templates, so the communication may be adapted by Mare editorial team. The core concept is the idea of sending a postcard from somewhere funny!