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Mare Culturale Urbano

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Mare Culturale Urbano Food Hub is the new project of Mare Culturale Urbano that in 2020 opens in three new areas of Milan, giving life to hybrid spaces and cultural contamination.

To continue with the experience of Mare Culturale Urbano, as Food Hubs, hospitality coexists with a program of artistic and social activist actions. Not just restaurants, pizzerias and pastry shops, but also places with a strong social impact for the neighborhoods in which they are located. Regenerating places with a different idea of ​​food, because cooking and eating are just a side of a social cohesion process.

In 2020 we dealt with the identity of the project and its representation on communication materials and in the three different food hubs. The visual system starts from the first Mare Culturale Urbano identity we dealt with a few years before, to expand it with new meanings.

We start from the basic concept of a recipe as a process to achieve something new starting from a few simple ingredients: the recipes of the specialties of the food hubs such as the classic recipe by the grandmother, but also the night recipe, the neighborhood recipe, the recipe for fun and social inclusion. Food Hubs’ recipes.

immagine - Mare Food Hub

The identity we have designed inherits the Mare Culturale Urbano logo and the typography, adding a few extra ingredients. The whole system is based on the concept of recipe, not just the dishes served at the food hub. All recipes mix the neighborhood and the city with music, events, theater and much more.

immagine - Mare Food Hub
immagine - Mare Food Hub