Milano Design Film Festival 2022

Redesigning the main cultural platform and annual appointment which showcases films on design, by designers, filmmakers and artists

Milano Design Film Festival

Cinema, Cultural, Design

Art direction, Editorial design, Social media

The Milano Design Film Festival is a cultural platform, an annual appointment in November which showcases films by designers and films on design by filmmakers and artists that explore new trends and interpret design from different perspectives, broadening the context and meanings of the discipline, showing new visions of it, and investigating the language of the moving image as an element of design research.

Parco Studio worked on the new edition MDFF 2022 without modifying the previous logo, but radically changing its perception, making it more attractive and lively just by choosing the yellow color which it has never been used before.

The decision of using yellow represents the energy and vitality of the MDFF, Parco Studio also has developed the visual strategy and designed the graphic materials, such as posters and cards.
The typography is minimal but relevant dimensions have been used as the centre of communication Parco has included only one element, a big yellow circle on a grey background. The grey color contrasts with the yellow and recalls the cinema as it seems of being projected as a light source – at the same time the circle recalls the cinema too, as old first movies opened with the circular projection of the camera lens.

Parco has also created the layout of the catalogue, distributed for free to all participants – the cover is a total yellow color field, a colored object shown on the cinema chairs or in the cultural places in Milan to intrigue the visitors. The only element in the cover is the title and the new characterizing yellow. The catalogue can be read in two different ways: vertically for explanations, articles and interviews, horizontally to present each single film, so the image might take a better space and have a bigger impact. to remain in the original orientation.

immagine - Milano Design Film Festival 2022

Along with the PR agency run by Lara Facco, Parco has worked on the social media where everything has been animated, circle and typography, giving dynamism and immersing the festival visitor in the projection’s previews.

immagine - Milano Design Film Festival 2022

The artistic director of this new edition is Cristiana Perrella, critic and independent curator, who has chosen a team of Guest Curators to support her in building part of the programme: the philosopher Emanuele Coccia, the architect, researcher and author Bianca Felicori and the architect and Iranian-French designer India Mahdavi. The programme of the Festival includes five sections: MDFF22 Official Selection with international films in Italian premieres curated personally by Cristiana Perella; IMAGINE curated by the Guest Curators; AFA Award – Architecture Film Award; MDFF Student Award and the new RADICI section with a tribute to Gae Aulenti.