Milano Design Film Festival 2024

Designing communication materials of the cultural platform which showcases films on design, by designers, filmmakers and artists.

Milano Design Film Festival

Cinema, Cultural, Design

Art direction, Editorial design, Social media
Emanuele Bonetti, Loredana Bontempi, Chiara Dellavalle

Milano Design Film Festival is a cultural platform that, through the language of film, brings the general public closer to the most contemporary concepts of design and architecture. It features over 30 titles including films, documentaries, short and feature films, art videos, and stories of designers past and present.

We created the landing page graphics and communication materials for the 2024 edition, incorporating the key element of the cone—a flexible and versatile geometric shape. The cone symbolizes the evolution of the circle used for the 2022 programming. It alludes to the cone of light essential for illuminating and filming a reel, resembling a director’s megaphone: the cone also becomes a kaleidoscopic element that amplifies messages conveyed on social media.
The figure is easy to rotate, and the movement reveals images. We also worked on animating this element and related figures. For example, during the last call for submissions, the circle completes like a clock, while for the artistic director’s quote, it is limited to a circular crown within which the text rotates. In other cases, we replicated the use of the circle in a static manner, with mainly informative carousels where the typographic component prevails.
The color for this edition, pink, maintains the brightness of the 2022 edition.