Milano Design Film Festival – Catalogue

The Milano Design Film Festival is a cultural platform, an annual appointment in November which showcases films by designers and films on design by filmmakers and artists that explore new trends and interpret design from different perspectives, broadening the context and meanings of the discipline, showing new visions of it, and investigating the language of the moving image as an element of design research.

Milano Design Film Festival

Cinema, Cultural, Design

Editorial design

Parco has also created the layout of the catalogue, distributed for free to all participants – the cover is a total yellow color field, a colored object shown on the cinema chairs or in the cultural places in Milan to intrigue the visitors. The only element in the cover is the title and the new characterizing yellow. The catalogue can be read in two different ways: vertically for explanations, articles and interviews, horizontally to present each single film, so the image might take a better space and have a bigger impact. to remain in the original orientation.