Nerdo website

Designing a new website for the coolest Italian animation agency




Since 2009 Nerdo has been producing some of the best animations around the globe. From Nike to Netflix, from Red Bull to Pepsi to McDonalds. Many things have changed during the past 14 years, Nerdo’s people have grown bigger and taller and bolder and that’s where they asked Parco Studio to give a hand with their new look. 

Parco Studio designed a memorable  website that reflects the essence of Nerdo’s agency using colors, typography, and graphics that align with their brand’s personality.
It showcases the animation portfolio, ensuring mobile-responsiveness and quick loadings. It features Nerdo’s best animation projects with detailed descriptions, visuals, and case studies, by highlighting the diversity of their work, from 2D and 3D animation to different animation styles. 

Every single page is carefully crafted to match their new tone of voice and to communicate their work and their experiments. A website full of hidden messages and easter eggs that will literally take you into their world. And a lot of moving stuff, of course.