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Create the website to narrate and support the material of the ENI/Basilicata trial

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Loredana Bontempi, Emanuele Bonetti, Luca Bunino

This website serves as a comprehensive platform for investigative journalism and in-depth reporting on the intricate processes, controversies, and legal battles involving two major energy companies, Eni and Shell and charged with their managers in connection with the acquisition of the oil licence Opl245. It aims to shed light on their business practices, environmental impact, and legal challenges.

Parco Studio built this website as an archive, hosting a repository of relevant documents, including court filings, reports, and internal company communications, to provide transparency and evidence for its investigative reporting studies. It would also provide a comprehensive analysis of the background, key players, legal implications, and broader consequences of the case.

immagine - OPL245 Papers

Opl245 has been realized using an open-source font, which can significantly reduce the cost of web development and design and as part of their commitment to open and ethical design principles, supporting the sharing of creative resources for the benefit of the broader community.

immagine - OPL245 Papers
immagine - OPL245 Papers