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Paola Navone, Otto studio

Architecture, Design, Furniture


Born from the creative vision of Paola Navone, original member of the Memphis anti-design movement and previously of Studio Alchimia, Otto Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice that collaborates with a wide portfolio of international clients through a range of projects.
The team is dedicated to interior design projects and the development of product and graphic design projects feed a continuous creative contamination, the key to achieve the global vision of the project.

Parco Studio designed the website valuing images and the atmosphere represented in Otto’s projects. Recreating an environment that recalls the action of browsing a photo album, the aim is to tell more about the world beyond the studio. Not only the single projects but their variety and the creative energy from where they are born, from the architectural to the product design scale, up to the details of styling and decoration.

One of the key elements of the website is irony, that looks evident in the url choice .fish, in the hidden Easter eggs, and in the behavior of the graphic elements and extremist typography sizes. Also the fish shape is often used as a small part of the interior design or the product itself.
The blue color is a key element of the website, it reminds the sea and the fish which is something that continuously slips away as the present, the past and the future.
Another key element is the theme of the pois, in the digital presence it is represented as irregular shapes recalling the craftsmanship and the spirit of homemade products.
The font used is Ginto by Dinamo foundry.