Pronto Arcigay Milano

CIG Arcigay Milano


Brand identity, Naming

Pronto is the new helpline service promoted by CIG Arcigay Milano, which carries forward the historical activities of the Telefono Amico and the Welcoming Desk and integrates them with the new digital channels.

The legacy of the Telefono Amico is clear by the new name: “Pronto” is the classic answer to the phone in Italian, it means “I’m here, just speak”.

The new identity is articulated through two fundamental elements: the typographic palette and the chromatic palette. In the first, the coexistence of 5 typefaces tells the value of variety and elevates it to a manifesto of inclusion for a service in which every single individuality is welcomed and protected. The second reinterprets the colors of the rainbow flag by reshuffling its borders and creating a collection of backgrounds in bright and vibrant colors. The union of the two elements – the black text on a colored background – gives life to a language that recalls that of pride parades around the world and which proudly claims its need to be heard.