Quaderni Lacittàintorno

Communicate the urban research in Lacittàintorno neighbourhoods with Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo


Editorial design

The neighbourhood notebooks (Quaderni) are Lacittàintorno’s outcome of 2017 research done with DAStU (Politecnico di Milano) in order to investigate and map the districts, share data, dynamics and relationships between residents and other stakeholders involved.

Critical texts, thematic community maps, fresh images of the areas and the activities done with the residents, give an up-to-date portrait of each territory. The chapter openings of each publication are characterized by master photos taken during cultural and social events, and care of the common goods activities in the districts of Corvetto, Chiaravalle, Adriano, via Padova.

The editorial series refers to the Lacittàintorno identity system, with a specific chromatic declination for each district.