Rebuild in the Built Environment

Capoferri Serramenti

Architecture, Design

Art direction

“Re-build in the built environment” is an exhibition showcasing the doors and windows global player Capoferri, curated by Simona Galateo. The project investigates the relationship between architecture and historical heritage through the story of four different types of international architecture: Morgan Library, Terrazza Triennale, Gallerie d’Italia and Capitolino Temple.

The concept of “re-build” and “built” featured also in the title, is visually represented through the cross structured layout.

The exhibition set up expresses the interconnection both between the two setting materials (glass and frame) and between the two panels that make up the cross structure of the staging.

The latter became the key visual around which we developed the entire project identity.

Together with the exhibition set up, we developed the communication contents production. We designed a leaflet containing information regarding the exhibited architecture projects and digital advertising materials including Capoferri Serramenti Instagram wall. 

In this case the visual identity is represented by the key visual that, together with the the pictures and hashtags, runs throughout the whole feed.