UFO Plast Race Forever

Brand awareness campaign for an Italian motorsport icon

UFO Plast


Art direction, Social media

This campaign aimed to blend the excitement of motocross with the presence of five protagonists, five different ways to relate to Ufo Plast, and five testimonies of how passion and determination can generate unimaginable results. Kiara, Vito, Stefano, Sergio and Damiano have never stopped running for a minute and do not intend to stop now.

immagine - UFO Plast Race Forever

Parco Studio helped motocross brand Ufo Plast to make a lasting impact through visually stunning and strategically designed assets. The animations featured int eh website brought the excitement of motocross to life with high-quality motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations, and video content, by producing captivating animations for promotional videos and social media campaigns