Ufo Plast rebranding

Rebranding the energy of motorbikes

Ufo Plast


Brand identity, Webdesign

Ufo Plast has a long tradition starting in Italy in 1977 and is today one of the most globally known brand in the off-road world.

In 2019 we started rebranding the company, we worked through an intense collaborative process involving the client on all levels, from the top direction to the graphic department.

We started building the brand from the existing logo, we pushed its diagonal line and make it part of a whole new world where it becomes the gate for a new universe. Is there life in outer space?

At the core of our concept, the land for new adventures. The 3d wireframe becomes the ideal representation of any kind of off-road landscape that riders could explore. Ufo’s personality and nature are well expressed by the type animation, coming from the outer space right in your face.

Plastics equipments are the most important product realized by Ufo Plast. With the new identity they get a supa dupa look with a hint of mecha design and a bit of 90s nostalgia. Something that could easily suite a motorbike as well as a Gundam. The corporate image is then applied to the packs and printed communication as well.

immagine - Ufo Plast rebranding