Voci Podcast

Projecting Voci, an editorial series in dialogue with the narrative by Il Saggiatore, an Italian independent publisher

Il Saggiatore


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In 2021 Il Saggiatore launched Voci: a podcast production platform, a new editorial series through the voice.  

Parco Studio has created a minimal structure for this website, highlighting the covers of the first three series as the main content on the homepage, and gradually adding additional information. We worked together with the editorial director on the concept for the cover artworks, like real book covers: “Cacciatori di nuvole” (Cloud hunters),”Il mondo come meditazione”  (The world as meditation) and “Che cos’è un canzone?” (What is a song?).  

The podcast is interpreted as a union of different worlds intertwining on a visual level. The imagery of the oral story is overlapped on the environment in which the user is listening to, creating a new composition and connecting aspects of the two worlds usually distant. The presence of the narrator and his/her voice becomes part of the story itself. 

Each narrating voice is associated with an image that is always characterized by a vertical division that brings together two of these aspects: a mouth about to speak and an evoked place.  

To facilitate the listening experience, each podcast is presented on the website referring to the of the platforms where it is available (Spotify, Google Podcast and Spreaker).

immagine - Voci Podcast