Winifred Cultural Center

Designing the identity and the website of a digital and artistic innovation laboratory

Municipality of Crema

Art, Cultural, Education

Brand identity, Poster, Webdesign

Winifred is an innovative cultural center, a project of the Municipality of Crema which has recovered a beautiful space in the historic complex of Sant’Agostino – a disused library now ready to host culture again. The goal is to create a cultural innovation laboratory open to the whole town.  

In 2021 Parco Studio worked on the identity of the project imagining to communicate the innovation and the strength of initiative through 4 key symbols: the lighthouse, the spark, the bricks and the W – initial of Winifred Terni De Gregorj, a ‘800 late countess, fundamental for the cultural and artistic development of Crema. The square overlooked by the new center is named after her. 

immagine - Winifred Cultural Center

The identity of the cultural center is colorful, with a unique and recognizable palette that brings energy and at the same time familiarity with a range of colors from warm to cold, from saturated to delicate grey.

For the logo, we designed the W and the space signs, to guide the user through the doors of this historic building, into a new reality, a new space dedicated to the future. 

immagine - Winifred Cultural Center

Typography plays an essential role because it identifies this cultural presence right from the entrance, and is declined in numerous variations following the material that needs to be presented, from publications, to prints, to digital events. Photography is the protagonist of Winifred’s work too – using art images and at the same time enriching the more informal pictures for workshops.

immagine - Winifred Cultural Center