Woodskin Website

Presenting products and values ​​of a company that combines design and technology


Design, Furniture, Research


WOOD-SKIN deals with generating architectural solutions that seem impossible, all production and design methods are sustainable from both an environmental and social point of view. In 2020 Parco Studio designed its new site for the innovative company.  

The website tells the story of flexible panels patented by WOOD-SKIN, founded in Milan in 2013. Its standard fold panel and mesh panel applications allow rigid surfaces to become more flexible and to acquire three-dimensionality, widening the horizon for architectural projects and surfaces.  

Each individual product is presented through an ad-hoc view, highlighting its technical characteristics and the variety of the offer. Users are able to explore the different products in detail, thanks to this new digital experience.

Fold Panels are presented through a tool that explores the different materials used, displaying all types of panels.
In a different section users visualize the Mesh Panels being inserted in an environment, it is also possible to change patterns and material.
The Tailor Made are works commissioned by customers, the section opens with a 3D model that explores an example of solid to understand its complexity.

In the web experience, particular attention is given to two fundamental tools for the design of WOOD-SKIN panels: a composer and a configurator, the former composing the different panels and the latter setting the most suitable configuration for the selected project directly in the browser.

The projects commissioned by some international companies from LinkedIn to the United Nations, from Amsterdam to Dubai, are available in the references page. New and possible applications of the products are displayed in a gallery, in the inspirations section.