Zapruder Book Series

New layout for a history and stories magazine that tells the past through an innovative design

Zapruder Journal

Cultural, Publishing

Editorial design

Zapruder is a quarterly monographic magazine on the history of social conflict. This is the result of a journey started in 2003, it aims to be a field of cultural comparison and analysis to re-discuss the prevailing historiographical panorama. The magazine helps to leave the academic climate to cross history with new and research practices.

In 2018 Storie in movimento asked us to re-design the magazine layout, which would be able to tell about their communicative intents and enhance its contents. Each issue is characterized by a topic that runs through the entire publication and is mentioned on the cover with a large reference image. The full -background cover has flexible effects and colors in order to vary even markedly between different issues, while focusing on the change of the subject.

The goal was to challenge the idea of stories and historiography we usually had, throughout a direct and irreverent graphic language. Each section is characterized by informal signs that help to recognize each single chapter, these marks are drawn freehand. At the center of the publication there is a color section dedicated to images, which can be read by switching the reading mode and turning the book 90 degrees.